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Pietro Cottone interviewed by Brian McQuarrie for the Boston Globe. The Boston Globe is an American daily newspaper founded and based in Boston.

Pietro Cottone interviewed by Rich Barlow for the BUToday, a Boston University’s award-winning daily website, featuring breaking news and research stories

Pietro Cottone interviewed by Maria Ausilia Boemi for “Sicilians” a column of the newspaper “La Sicilia” (in Italian). “La Sicilia” is a major Sicily newspaper

Pietro Cottone interviewed by Stefano Salimbeni for “L’Italia con Voi” (in Italian). L’Italia con Voi is a TV show broadcasted by the major national channel RAI

Review by Rebecca Cullen for  “StereoStickman” an online music magazine

Review by Rich Jamm for  “JamSphere” an online music magazine

Review by Gabriel Badelier for  “ProgCritique” an online magazine about progressive rock music (in French)

Review by Torodd Fuglesteg for  “The sound of fighting cats” an online music blog.