“Fight for their rights” is a concept album written, arranged, performed and produced by the musician and neuroscientist Pietro Cottone in collaboration with other artists. Musical genres in “Fight for their rights” range from hard rock, to progressive rock, from metal to psychedelic rock. “Fight for their rights” stems from Pietro’s expressing his perspective of the social and political challenges that the world is facing. As a concept album, songs are characterized by recurrent themes: “Fight for their rights” is a concept album in defense of the last ones and the voiceless; an album in support of “the scrap of the civilized world.” This album is against oppression and persecution of men over men. It is about how human beings are often incapable of understanding one another and incapable of accepting differences in their ways of being or living. It is about how the underprivileged ones have suffered at the hands of those with power and it encourages man to fight for one another. “Fight for their rights” represents the debut album of Pietro as a lyricist. In his effort to describe the contradictions of the world in the way human beings have built it, the lyrics as well as the musical compositions of the album, can be harsh, unfiltered and often provocative because the purpose is to evoke strong reactions to the listener.