– Rise Again (5:29) –

(Pietro Cottone)

This is a motivational song about a drug addict who wants to quit, who keeps on trying but everything seems like a failure. This song speaks about the daily routine of trying and failing in the cycle of the addiction; about rising again and falling yet again. Nonetheless, the song encourages the addict to keep on trying, and to live every day facing fears, and slaying the addiction demon.



Staring into the mirror, you are touching a crumbling face

No more light in your eyes, who’s reflected is not yourself

You don’t know who you are, you don’t know what you’re living for

Sinking into the dark, there’s no sun anymore

One more day, same old day, same old steep trail along your way

Climb again, fall again, that’s the drama you’re used to play

Your wild search for oblivion confines you in a prison cell

Craving for paradise while you’re sliding to hell

Rise again, deep inside your daemon’s breathing

Watch its eyes, smell its breath, touch its skin

Rise again, don’t wear down and keep on trying,

Face your fears, fix your faults, fight your flaws

One more time, one last time, one more wrecking excuse to fail

Keep on saying: “We’ll be fine, just a tough day, it numbs the pain”

“Can control, just a bit, feed the beast and tomorrow I quit”

Pull the trigger of the gun pointed under your chin

Rise again, in the dark your daemon’s growling

Fix its eyes, read its mind, take its soul

Rise again, one more time, stand up and fight it

Rise again, rise again, rise again

Pride yourself, now that you’ve faced your own daemon

Don’t be afraid, there won’t be any fear to be free

Breathe the change, live in the world as a new you

Be aware, never let your guard down, you must fight every day to stay clean

Rise again, rise again, rise again

Rise again, rise again, rise again

Rise again, rise again, rise again