– New single –

The new single “I Walk You Into The World” will be released on the 16th of May.

A new short movie will be also released

– Frames from the new short movie “I Walk You Into The World

 – Latest press releases –

Interview for the

Boston Globe

Interview for

BU Today


Interview for La Sicilia by Maria Ausilia Boemi (ITA)

Interview for “L’Italia Con Voi” (RAI) by Stefano Salimbeni (ITA)

– Album: Fight For Their Rights

 “Fight for their rights” is a concept album in defense of the last ones and the voiceless.

Short movie for the song “Masters of New Speak”

– Promo videos

– Album: Inferno

Inferno is an experimental, literary-rock music project. Inferno is a gapless, concept album, which fuses rock music and poetry narration, to describe Dante Alighieri’s symbolic and still extraordinarily modern journey into Hell.