– We the People Can Brighten This World (5:26) –

(Pietro Cottone)

This song is about how man has been the architect of his own destruction. How human beings have crafted a world of hate, injustice, violence and war. How greed and selfishness have increased social disparities and poverty. It speaks about how actions of man have detrimental effects on his own environment. The song and the entire album conclude with a positive message: it encourages human beings to look at the future with new eyes, to rebirth in order to save themselves from the self-destruction.



Children slaved in the fashion supply chain

The new pawns of the globalized board

The sea turns to a graveyard of migrants

Who escaped from their pulverized homes

Kamikazes who slaughter civilians

While they’re shouting, evoking their God

Soldiers losing their life in the first line

While they’re fighting a war to steal oil

Hate, injustice, violence and war

We are to blame for this nonsense world

Will the sun rise again on the horizon?

Will the light give contour to the whole?

Will people minds wake up back from the oblivion?

Will people’s awareness brighten this world?

People living a luxury lifestyle

Next to slums where surviving ain’t sure

Glaciers melt and the sea level rises

But the science isn’t adequate proof

Clochards live at the edge of the suburbs

Like the scrap of the civilized world

Race, skin color, origin, religion

Sick pretexts used to shed blood and shoot

We are sinking into the unknown

We are to blame for this nonsense world


“Bad news for our planet. A report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns about ongoing global warming. We have 12 years to contrast the climate change catastrophe and keep the temperature rise to a maximum of 1.5C, beyond which the risks of extreme weather-related events and poverty will worsen.” [Anchorwoman]


We can roll our eyes at the horizon

We can return the contour to the whole

We can awake from this drowsy oblivion

We the people can brighten this world