– Star of David (6:37) –

(Pietro Cottone – Davide Marchese)

This song is about the memories of a holocaust survivor whose tormented past is glued to the memory and cannot be erased. The survivor’s scars worn all over the body cannot be removed. Remembrance of the concentration camp is described as a lifeless place and behind there is a place where death awaits, where the prisoners are tortured, gassed in chambers and then incinerated. No sight of compassion. No hope of being free.


“…Nur dann, wenn wir in der Partei durch unser aller Zutun die höchste Verkörperung des nationalsozialistischen Gedankens und Wesens verwirklichen, wird sie eine ewige und unzerstörbare Säule des deutschen Volkes und Reiches sein. Dann wird einst neben die herrliche, ruhmreiche Armee, den alten, stolzen Waffenträgern unseres Volkes, die nicht minder traditionsgefestigte politische Führung der Partei treten, und dann werden diese beiden Einrichtungen gemeinsam den deutschen Menschen erziehen und festigen und auf ihren Schultern tragen den deutschen Staat, das deutsche Reich…” [Adolf Hitler, 1934]

There’s a cold and empty silence inside myself, a long, uninterrupted silence

And around the silence a barbed wire fence, brute expression of the violence

In my mind an endless series of flashbacks makes me live a thousand lives

And the slowest one I’m living day by day, where the grey death stares and smiles

So the nightmares dim my clarity, my equilibrium is trapped inside the insanity

Lost within my past eternally, there’s no glimmer of compassion, there’s no promise to be free

There’s a star with six points inside myself, six million profound scars

There’s a long road of bloody tears behind myself, which forbids to erase my memoirs

There’s a camp of lifeless flowers where I have lived, with a barbed wire fence surrounding

And behind that fence a rifle pointed at me, and a Nazi stares and smiles

There were people foisting insane ideas, they were used to perpetrate brutalities

They were tattooing their prisoners, who were gassed in chambers, incinerated

There’s no wisdom in a darkened mind, which can make the evilness reality

There’s no sun before a cloudy sky, only gloom and grief while the rain is falling, the rain is falling.