- Credits -

Music credits

Pietro Cottone: producer, composer, lyricist, arranger, lead and rhythm electric guitars, acoustic guitar, keyboards, backing vocals

Davide Marchese: composer, lyricist, arranger

Chandler Mogel: lead and backing vocals

Charles Berthoud: electric bass guitar

Marco Cossu: Hammond Sk1 organ

Jerry Sadowski: drums

Marco Cremaschini: acoustic piano

Hugo LaNauEstudi: acoustic guitar

Nathan Snyder: rhythm electric guitar

Liam Ward: harmonica

Mella Barnes: backing vocals

Britt Savage: gospel ad libs, backing vocals

Denise Stewart: gospel ad libs, backing vocals

Charlin Neal: gospel ad libs

Jesley Lopez: opera vocals

Angela Ohlfest: voice over

Steve Petitt: voice over

Melissa Moser: voice over

Produced by Pietro Cottone

Recorded by Matt Maroulakos at The Den, Woodland Park, NJ

Mixed by Daniel Thabet at the Liquid Studios, Dorset, VT

Mastered by Alessio Miraglia at the Old Colony Studio, Arlington, MA

Konstantin Korotaev: assistant sound engineer

Jed Demlow: assistant sound engineer

For artwork, Photography by Zoran Stamenkovic and Design by Lotfy

© Copyright – Pietro Cottone

Music video credits

Directed by Szymon Kubka

Director of Photography Szymon Kubka

Screenplay writer Pietro Cottone

Executive Producer Pietro Cottone

Director of Photography Szymon Kubka

Gaffer Jakub Dlubak

Victor/Anchorman Dariusz Minkiewicz

Police Officer/Big Brother Dariusz Ratajczak