– Masters of New Speak (5:35) –

(Pietro Cottone)

This song is based on 1984 by Orwell and describes a dystopian society where thinking is controlled by propaganda. Journalism, in the pocket of the big brother and deprived of any ethical standard, controls the blind masses, through the use of disinformation, demonization, emotional appeal, and use of half-truths and lies. *Masters of new speak” encourages to start thinking critically and not to be deceived by the propaganda.



“Welcome to HoaxNews. We have breaking news of a dangerous man accused of independent thinking, currently on the run and wanted by the police…” [Anchorman]


We are the puppet masters, just watch the news and think the way we please

We curb the blind masses, we are the fourth estate, we align your opinion to the agenda of the elite

We create stories, we use mudslinging, we fool the audience with a trick

Let us control you, party’s watching you, war is peace and bad is good, we’re masters of new speak

We are tool of the big brother, we homologate your thinking with half-truths

We publish catchy headlines, we tease your wild emotions, we make up trials and find the culprit you can tear to pieces

Can give you a monster, can give you anger, can give you excuses to start a war

Let us influence you, telescreens are watching you, old is new and rich is poor, we’re masters of new speak

Switch off the news, switch off the mainstream

The thought control, the single sight

Don’t let the media shape your wisdom

Open your eyes, take back your mind

We are the puppet masters, got plenty of ready-made truths, and weapons of mass distraction to fire from the control room

We publish morbid details, we use an intense language, we use a graphic content to manipulate the truth

Can make a lynch mob, a psycho-warfare, can make a scoop to move the polls

Let us sedate you, sleep! we’ll think for you, dark is light and false is true, we’re masters of new speak

Switch off the news, take back your freedom

Unplug that cable from your mind

Don’t let the estate control your wisdom

Open your eyes, take back your sight


“…The man is still on the run. Police reports that suspect’s thinking is extremely disruptive of public order. Two individuals, who have been seen to talk with the man, are currently being confined and purged. Police ordered a lockdown of the entire city to minimize potential contacts with the suspect…” [Anchorman]


“…We were able to speak just moments ago with an officer who’s…” [Anchorman]